Sunday, October 16, 2005

Exciting new bookings

Check out the upcoming shows link for exciting new bookings.

Boston-based fiery folky Pamela Means rocks the place with her afro and blazing guitar on Sat, Dec. 3; experimental folk artist Rose Polenzani will reel you in with her dark poetry and sublime vocals on Fri, Jan. 13; and throwback banjoist and guitarist Andru Bemis (who I went to high school with!) will have you making comparisons to Woodie Guthrie on Sat, April 29.

And don't forget Americana singer/songwriter Caleb Stine on Friday, Nov. 4. Scroll down for more info!

I'm still looking for one or two more artists, in February and March, but otherwise the 2005-2006 season looks pretty set!

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