Monday, September 05, 2005


Holden's Lair (now, it could be called "Holden and Norman's Lair") is a house concert venue doing monthly shows since May of 2002 in Baltimore, MD.

If you've never been to a House concert at Holden's Lair, they are a laid back affair. Everyone usually brings a dish to pass and everyone chats in between the breaks. If we know you're coming, we often wait until you get here until we begin. The artist mingles with the fans, signing CDs and schmoozing. A box is passed around and the money is collected, and all of it goes to the performer. Children are welcome, and don't be surprised if a friendly cat jumps in your lap or starts mewing to the music, or if a slightly overweight dog(s) gives you sad eyes, hoping for a treat off your plate.

If you have allergies to dogs and cats, please Allegra or Claritin. Two cats and two dogs are all over the place here.

A few rules:
Please RSVP by e-mailing before the show so I know the number to expect.
Please try to get here before the performer begins
Please bring food or drink to pass

If you want to sit on a piece of furniture and not the floor, come early to grab a seat. It never hurts to bring something - a pillow, a beanbag.

More than anything else, Holden's Lair is a community of people who appreciate the independent spirit in music coming together to support art and free expression. With our radios dominated by just a few corporations, this is a way for non-mainstream voices to be heard. It's also just a way to hear great music. And you'll hear it every time at Holden's Lair.

A Note to Performers:
I organize house concerts for the simple reason that I love music and this gives me a chance to give back to many independent performers that I have followed for years. Because I put on only 9-10 shows per year, and I generally reserve many of those for musicians whose music has inspired me, who are already a favorite of mine. In some rare cases, however, I book singer/songwriters that I have not known before, and if you would like to be considered, please send a press pack to Mark Miazga, 3208 Dudley Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21214.


Anonymous said...

I am trying to find out how to contact Holden's Lair to purchase/reserve 3-4 tickets for the Rose Polenzani show. Please contact me at asap!

Anonymous said...

We haven't inspired you. Yet :0) But we might qualify as one of the few acts that you would consider for a house concert anyway.

A duet form of my band will be travelling in the US and Canada for most of next year. We live in the UK, and have found that house concerts are the perfect format for us to communicate our music. So, we are looking for house concerts to play while we are over on your side of the water.

We don't have a press kit at the moment, but we have made a video CD which features excerpts from a recent house concert we played over here.

I would be glad to send you a copy if you like. Also, if you'd like to see a few clips on the internet, you can go to Then just click on the 'view my ... videos' link below the picture top left.

All the best, Martin. Stryngs.

Anonymous said...

please call 410 484 5174 to confirm receipt of 2 reservations for tonight's concert 12/11/10 or email