Friday, April 14, 2006

Rose Polenzani Photos

Rose Polenzani came down from Boston for a show on January 13, 2006. About 25 people showed up, and the show was great.

Rose played guitar and was accompanied by Austin Nevins.

Ola and Gosia enjoy the show.

Rose (Steck, not Polenzani), Alan, and Rob strike a pose. Well, Alan isn't, really.

The stylish Michelle Risdon, Holden's Lair #1 fan.

Rose Polenzani had such a good time that she let us take her out to Valentino's 24-hour diner after the show!

That pizza turned into something looks like a potholder. Somebody check the oven!

It is not everyday that I have two beautiful Polish women in my bed. Just every other day.

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