Sunday, October 23, 2005

Caleb Stine performs Friday, Nov. 4

Caleb Stine performs on Friday, Nov. 4. Doors open at 8pm, and the show starts at around 9. Please RSVP today via e-mail or with a comment on this entry.

You are cordially invited to the 2nd show of the 2005-2006 Holden's Lair season. It's a landmark show, because it's the first time we've booked a Baltimore musician to play the Lair. Holden and I usually envision the Lair more as a tourstop in between larger cities for medium-range national acts like Sam Shaber and Patti Rothberg, but the last several months of seeing Caleb perform at Ze Mean Bean Cafe, Woodberry Crossing, and The Waterfront Hotel - sometimes alone, sometimes with his band The Brakemen - have convinced me to bring him aboard. He's really great.
What: Caleb Stine House Concert
When: Friday, Nov. 4 - Doors at 8pm, show begins at around 9.
Cost: $10 (all proceeds go to artist)
Please RSVP and bring a dish or drink to pass
All invited - rampant forwarding of this e-mail is strongly encouraged.
Artist Description: People and music - both inexpressible wonders of life. And neither makes sense apart from the other. With guitar and voice, Caleb struggles towards honest, intimate music. Hopeful, aware of the deep truth, and the toxic lies. Music, like love, is too dear to be sipped. It hsould be drunk deeply, in the company of friends.

Caleb Stine's American homegrown music meshes elements of folk, blues, and country. In the same set, he'll veer from a moving and funny folk storysong to a rollicking rockabilly tune, then to a Lou Reed cover and then maybe to a song that will possibly remind you of Leadbelly or Johnny Cash or Michelle Shocked, but is distinctly Caleb Stine. His songs are songs of Americana, honest and forthwright, and this show will be a showcase to one of Baltimore's rising acoustic talents.

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