Saturday, September 17, 2005

Teddy Goldstein Photos

Teddy Goldstein played Holden's Lair on Feb. 18, 2005. It was my second time seeing him live, after seeing him open for Melissa Ferrick a couple years before at Ram's Head Annapolis. That same month, Andrew Kerr (who played in 2003) passed along Goldstein's live CD to me, and I knew I wanted to book him. Teddy was also once in a group with Sam Shaber, and they remain friends, so that was just one more reason to book him.

His show was great - he's a great storyteller whose lyrics alternate between funny and sad, and the first ever to cover Brittney Spears on acoustic guitar in my living room. He stayed a while afterwards, entertaining attendees deep into the night. Hopefully he'll come back someday.

Here are some photos from Teddy Goldstein's February show:

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