Monday, January 02, 2006

Rose Polenzani: Friday, Jan. 13

Rose Polenzani performs on Friday, Jan. 13 at Holden's Lair in Baltimore, MD.

Doors open at 8pm, and the show is $10 (all proceeds go to the artist). Please RSVP via this site or by e-mailing

Rose is one of the most talented artists to ever perform at Holden's Lair, and I'm very, very excited about the show, and for seeing Rose perform live for the first time since I booked her back in 1999. There are a lot of free downloads available on both her website ( and her myspace site ( On the latter, you can hear her sing a beautiful version of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire"!

Bring a friend! Tell a friend! Mass forwarding of this information is strongly encouraged.

Artist Bio: Having been called the heir to Nick Drake's domain and a cross between Joan of Arc and Leonard Cohen, Rose Polenzani seems to have some fairly sizable shoes to fill. And fill them she does, with a captivating maturity and a sense of poetry seldom found in young artists. Polenzani offers more than just a girl, her acoustic guitar, and a bunch of songs. She pours out her soul in every note, each utterance unveiling a wealth of emotion and meaning. For her first musical offering, Polenzani devoted herself almost maniacally to a college arts project, memorializing songs on a four-track recorder with so much verve that she was given A's in all of her classes for having proven that she learned what it was to be an artist. From there, Polenzani became a staple of the Chicago open mic scene for two years before stretching her legs with a tour of the Northeast in 1997. That marked the beginning of a streak of good fortune, as she was invited to play with Shawn Colvin, at the Newport Folk Festival, and at Lilith Fair in 1998, and got a call from the Indigo Girls' Amy Ray with an offer of assistance. Independently releasing her self-produced debut album Dragersville in August 1998, she continued to spread her wings with a showcase appearance during the Sundance Film Festival. And in 1999, after combing through all of Polenzani's early recordings together, Ray's not-for-profit Daemon Records released Anybody to strong critical praise. (All Music Guide)

About the venue:
There's a lot of painting and construction being done in the house right now, so accomadations probably will not be as prestine as your are used to. (Heh.) But we'll be fine for a show.

Holden's Lair is a house concert venue doing monthly shows since May of 2002 in Baltimore, MD. If you've never been to a House concert at Holden's Lair, they are a laid back affair. Everyone usually brings a dish to pass and everyone chats in between the breaks. If we know you're coming, we often wait until you get here until we begin. The artist mingles with the fans, signing CDs and schmoozing. A box is passed around and the money is collected, and all of it goes to the performer. Children are welcome, and don't be surprised if a friendly cat jumps in your lap or starts mewing to the music, or if a slightly overweight dog gives you sad eyes, hoping for a treat off your plate.

A few rules:
Please RSVP by e-mailing before the show so I know the number to expect.
Please try to get here before the performer begins
Please bring food or drink to pass

If you want to sit on a piece of furniture and not the floor, come early to grab a seat. It never hurts to bring something - a pillow, a beanbag. I offer no illusions that the house is nice or ideal for concerts. What it is, though, is a community of people who appreciate the independent spirit in music coming together to support art and free expression. With our radios dominated by just a few corporations, this is a way for non-mainstream voices to be heard. It's also just a way to hear great music. And you'll hear it every time at Holden's Lair.

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